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Blancmanage - Everything Is Connected (Best Of)

Blancmanage Vinyl Records

Taking their name from a type of cooked pudding, the electronic duo Blancmange interlaced the arty, exotic dance rhythms of Talking Heads with the quirky melodrama of early-'80s British synth pop. Consisting of Neil Arthur (vocals, guitar) and Stephen Luscombe (keyboards), Blancmange formed in London, England in the late '70s. Drummer Laurence Stevens was a member of the band for a short while, but they eventually replaced him with a drum machine. The duo were a fixture of U.K. and other European charts from 1982 until their split in 1986. After choosing to reunite in 2011, Luscombe retired due to ill health, before Arthur prolifically released music under the Blancmange name for the remainder of the decade and beyond.

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