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April 23rd 2022 - Join Us For Record Store Day 2022

Record Store Day 2022 Will Take Place on April 23rd 2022

Roan Records is extremely excited to be taking part in our second Record Store Day in 2022

Special Edition Vinyl: Only Available in Store


Preparing for Record Store Day

Record Store Day works on the basis of first come, first serve, this is one of the most important rules of the initiative. Once you’ve checked out the lists and singled out your favourites, we’re happy to hear your wish list and will aim to get in copies of everything you’re looking for. This doesn’t guarantee you’ll get it, as others will also be along to check out what’s available and pick out their favourites. We’ll do all we can to ensure everyone leaves happy with their purchases but we’re also going to be sticking to the rules so remember, first come, first served for all records we have available.

Record Store Day is the highlight of the year for our industry, and we’re excited to invite you all to our shop to get hold of one of these exclusive records and enjoy the great atmosphere that we’ve always experienced when enjoying Record Store Day with other retailers. Please come along and don’t forget to let us know your wish list so we can ensure we get hold of the stock.


Notify us of your wish list and we will endeavour to get it … as with every Record Store Day, it will be on a first come first served rule.

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