1. Get On Board
    Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder
  2. Planet Zero
  3. Who Cares?
    Rex Orange County
  4. Peace
  5. Truth
    Alexis Ffrench
  6. Crooked Tree
    Molly Tuttle and Golden Highway


Roan Records began life in 1980 by a young man who wanted to open a record store, and after forty years of un-careful planning and not even thinking about it, in chunks of several years over this time, it has now appeared out of the mist and has settled in a corner of Teddington.

Throughout these forty years, the young man in question grew a year older every year and his love for music grew exponentially and weaved its course through a multitude of genres. A plethora of vinyl was crossing the threshold of his abode, each one, a unique piece of art; every word of every sleeve consumed in great wonder. The ritual of placing the disc on the turntable and gently placing a needle down in order to extract the riches hidden within the grooves. Four songs and twenty minutes later, repeating the ritual while turning the record over.

Ask! … and If he ‘hasn’t got it, he’ll get it (Non turntable owners also welcomed)

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