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Bodega - Our Brand Could Be YR Life

Bodega Vinyl Records

The art-damaged Brooklyn band Bodega want to get people thinking while they boogie, and their debut album from 2018, Endless Scroll, spotlights an abrasive dance-punk sound built on shouted vocals, deep thoughts, and jumpy rhythms. Bodega formed when guitarist/vocalist Ben Hozie and vocalist Nikki Belfiglio's previous group, Bodega Bay, downsized their name and changed the line-up. That band formed in 2013, released Our Brand Could Be Your Life, an album recorded on the internal mike in GarageBand, in 2015, then split the next year. When they relaunched as Bodega, Hozie and Belfiglio kept much of that group's spiky post-punk energy and snarky anti-consumerist attitude and built a new line-up that featured guitarist Madison Velding-Vandam, bassist Heather Elle, and drummer Montana Simone.

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