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Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP 2 (10 Year Anniversary)

Eminem Vinyl Records

Eminem is one of the best-selling artists in music history, and easily the biggest crossover success ever seen in rap. To call him hip-hop's Elvis is fitting to a degree, but it's largely inaccurate. Certainly, he was the first white rapper since the Beastie Boys to garner both sales and critical respect, but his impact has exceeded this confining distinction. On sheer verbal skills, Eminem is one of the greatest MCs of his generation: rapid, fluid, dexterous, and unpredictable, capable of pulling off long-form narratives or withering asides. And thanks to his mentor Dr. Dre, he's had music to match: thick, muscular loops evoking the terror and paranoia conjured by Em's lyrics.

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