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Hiss Golden Messenger - Jump For Joy

Hiss Golden Messenger Vinyl Records

A vehicle for singer/songwriter Michael Taylor (aka M.C. Taylor) and multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer Scott Hirsch, Hiss Golden Messenger's fusion of classic rock, folk-pop, and sparse blues in various guises has seen Taylor compared to the likes of lo-fi legends Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Bill Callahan. While one of Taylor's first statements as Hiss Golden Messenger, 2010's Bad Debt, was a stark, home-recorded voice-and-guitar session, most of the work he created with Hirsch was more ambitious, blending a range of roots music flavours with the emotional palette of Taylor's songwriting, swinging from introspection to giddy joy, with 2013's Haw and 2021's Quietly Blowing It documenting him at his most expressive.

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