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Jeff Rosenstock - HELLMODE

Jeff Rosenstock Vinyl Records

A prolific D.I.Y. enthusiast, Long Island native Jeff Rosenstock first built his name fronting 2000s bands like Bomb the Music Industry! and the Arrogant Sons of Bitches, turning his frenetic talents to create blown out punk, pop, ska, and lo-fi rock. Beginning with 2012's I Look Like Shit, he recast himself as a solo artist, encompassing both the ideals and eclectic sounds of all his previous bands while growing significantly as a songwriter. Towards the latter half of the decade Rosenstock became known for suddenly releasing new albums with no advance notice and earned critical acclaim for releases like 2018's nervy Post- and 2020's NO DREAM, which he later re-recorded as a ska album called SKA DREAM.

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