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Maren Morris - Humble Quest

Maren Morris Vinyl Records

With her 2016 debut album Hero and its accompanying hit single "My Church," Maren Morris helped push country music into the 21st century. Morris' music was grounded in country -- prior to striking gold as a performer, she was a professional songwriter in Nashville -- but she also incorporated elements of pop, R&B, hip-hop, and rock, creating a distinctive, stylish hybrid that had wide appeal outside her chosen genre. This sly versatility was evident on her hit singles "80s Mercedes" and "Rich," while her ability to cross over was showcased in "The Middle," a 2018 dance-pop smash she recorded with Zedd and Grey. Even as she broke into the pop Top Ten, Morris maintained strong country roots, as evidenced by her pivotal part in the 2019 supergroup the Highwomen.

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