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Mogwai - My Father, My King (Black Friday 2023)

Mogwai Vinyl Records

Formed by longtime friends whose goal was to create "serious guitar music," Mogwai did much more than that during their decades-long career. Their long, sweeping tracks and experiments in extreme dynamic shifts, both exemplified on 1999's debut album Young Team, built on Slint's legacy and helped define the sound of post-rock (even though they disliked being associated with the style). As time went on, Mogwai's music grew more ambitious and diverse, spanning the electronic-enhanced introspection of 2001's Rock Action and 2014's Rave Tapes to the heavier sounds of 2008's The Hawk Is Howling and 2017's Every Country's Sun -- and on 2021's As the Love Continues, the band borrowed from all of those sounds ably.

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