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Monster Magnet - Test Patterns Vol. 1

Monster Magnet Vinyl Records

Retro-rock visionaries Monster Magnet spent much of the 1990s struggling against the prejudices imposed upon image and sound by the alternative rock elite. In fact, it wasn't until that movement's late-'90s decline that the band's dogged persistence finally paid off and their fourth album, Powertrip, catapulted to gold sales status on the strength of its massive hard rock hit "Space Lord." In the meantime, Monster Magnet had managed to become one of the most successful and influential bands associated with the burgeoning "stoner rock" movement. And yet their influences span much further than that scene's foundations in '70s hard rock and metal, delving into space rock, psychedelia, and beyond. Since debuting in 1991, the band have released a slew of acclaimed and dynamic efforts, including Monolithic Baby! (2004), Mastermind (2010), and Mindfucker (2018).

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