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Morcheeba - Beats & B-Sides (RSD 24)

Morcheeba Vinyl Records

One of the most groove-oriented acts in the mid-'90s trip-hop crowd, London-based group Morcheeba separated themselves from the pack with the sweet, fluid vocals of Skye Edwards and a laid-back mix of fusion, funk, and blues produced by brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey. Debuting in 1995 with the Trigger Hippie EP, they went on to become a favourite on the trip-hop scene with albums such as 1998's Big Calm, 2000's Fragments of Freedom, and 2002's Charango, which gave them a crossover boost in mainstream and hip-hop circles. After a brief exit for Edwards the beloved singer returned to the fold for their big comeback, 2010's Blood Like Lemonade.

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