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Splodgenessabounds - Best Of Live

Splodgenessabounds Vinyl Records

The origins of this UK band are heavily tinged with apocrypha. Max Splodge (then a drummer) replaced Gerry Healy in Alien Sex Fiend in 1978 and stayed for a few months before forming a duo called the Faber Brothers with guitarist Pat Thetic Von Dale Chiptooth Noble. They performed at Butlins Holiday Camp in Bognor, Sussex, but were sacked and returned to London to start a band. As Splodgenessabounds, they started gigging in March 1979 and though various members came and went, the line-up briefly comprised Max Splodge (vocals), his girlfriend Baby Greensleeves (vocals), Pat Thetic (guitar), Miles Runt Flat (guitar), Donkey Gut (b. Winston Forbe; keyboards), Whiffy Archer (paper and comb), Desert Island Joe Lurch Slythe and a dog.

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