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Tame Impala - The Slow Rush (Deluxe)

Tame Impala Vinyl Records

Starting off their career as psychedelic explorers, the Australian band Tame Impala spent a decade subverting expectations and mutating their sound in fascinating ways, as well as being an inspiration to musicians as diverse as Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Lady Gaga. Guided by the musical prowess of Kevin Parker, the band's 2010 debut album Innerspeaker was a huge, loud guitar rock album dipped in swirling psychedelic colours. The follow-up Lonerism (2012) dialled down the guitars in favour of a more expansive style, after which Parker swerved into a poppier sound that brought in hip-hop (2015's Currents) and disco influences (2020's The Slow Rush), while upping the sugar content of the hooks. It proved to be a winning approach, and by decade's end Parker was collaborating with some of the biggest artists on Earth

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