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House Of Love, The - Audience With The Mind

House Of Love, The Vinyl Records

The House of Love put together a long-running career built on shiny ringing guitars, dreamily psychedelic melodies, bursts of noise, and Guy Chadwick's dryly observant, sometimes cutting songs. Their initial incarnation leaned into the noisy side of their sound, recording for Creation and releasing some of the label's early signpost songs like "Christine" and "Shine On." Once the band signed to a major label, their '90s output became more polished, but also more nuanced; 1990's self-titled LP is considered to be a classic alternative album by many. All the elements of their early recordings surfaced on further albums made as the group reunited over the years, though they were a little softer around the edges, and on 2022's State of Grace they explored country-rock and the blues.

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