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Tom  Speight Live at Roan Records!

Tom  Speight  has  made  the  album  that  2021  deserves.  Everything’s  Waiting  For  You  is  bigger,  bolder  and  poppier.  Sunny  song  titles,  boisterous  guitars,  shimmering  electronics  and  lashings  of  beautifulbacking vocals are among the album’s calling cards. A celebration of living life to the max, Everything’s Waiting For You is a timely reminder to approach every day as an adventure.

Speight’s music takes the best elements of folk and pop music and puts them together to create a raw and infectious sound.” – The Telegraph

“Enchanting debut (album).” – The Times

“Gorgeous acoustic flecked hymns, trenchant rockers, off-the-cuff folk pieces, Tom Speight can draw his muse anywhere.” – CLASH

“Few artists can make heartbreak feel like both a blast and a wretch.” – Atwood


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