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Count the Stairs


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12″ EP – Cat: SAD006lp Barcode: 656605386492
12″ Metallic Silver EP – Cat: SAD006lp-C1 Barcode: 656605386539

Record Label: Saddest Factory Records

Format: Album

Genre: Alternative

Release Date: 12/11/2021

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Count the Stairs - 12" EP


Out of Stock

Count the Stairs - 12" Metallic Silver EP


Out of Stock


Born in 1999, Charlie Hickey grew up in South Pasadena, just minutes from Downtown Los Angeles. Raised by two singer-songwriter parents, Charlie’s second language was music since day one. As early as grade school, he was making sense of the world through songwriting,

and by middle school he was writing, recording and performing songs that attracted a community of collaborators and could silence a room.

Charlie Hickey’s first proper single, out now, is “No Good At Lying.” The Marshall Vore- produced track introduces us to Charlie’s evocative storytelling and features Phoebe Bridgers on backing vocals. “I’m no good at lying / on my back or through my teeth / but I’m good at dreaming / I can do it in my sleep,” he sings over hushed guitars and a whimsical banjo, searching for truth as his unconscious mind runs wild and bleeds into reality. It’s a slow, quiet, and understated peek to the world of Charlie Hickey, who is barely of legal drinking age, but taps into such universal themes that showcase a wisdom beyond his years and exudes promise for what’s to come.

Track Listing


1. No Good at Lying
2. Count The Stairs
3. Two Haunted Houses


4. Seeing Things
5. Ten Feet Tall
6. Notre Dame

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