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When You Walk Away


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Bone Coloured LP – Cat:777-45LP Barcode:192641603150
CD – Cat:777-45CD Barcode:192641603167 

Record Label: 777 Music

Format: Album

Genre: Indie & Alternative, Rock

Release Date: 05/11/2021

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When You Walk Away - Bone Coloured LP


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When You Walk Away - CD


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When Brighton quartet FUR first began pricking up ears back in 2017, their early moves seemed imbued with more than a dash of good fortune.

Without any big money campaign, that autumn’s jangling, sepia-tinged third single ‘If You Know That I’m Lonely’ went borderline viral on Youtube, amassing millions of streams over the following months; currently, it stands on more than 40 million plays across all platforms.

But since then, the band – comprised of singer Murray, bassist Tav, guitarist Josh and drummer Flynn – have set about confirming that their early algorithmic victories were no fluke.

Breaking into the Asian market, building an increasingly strong community in their native UK and now heading into their debut album, FUR’s is a tale not of flukey success, but of playing the long game.

What FUR have specialized in is their ability to mix the old and the new, to take a particularly nostalgic strain of lovelorn guitar music but make it sound fresh again.

Whether it’s playing a Gibson SG, enlisting the skills of Mike Rowe (Oasis and Mick Jagger’s key’s player amongst other accolades), or falling down the White Rabbit hole of The Velvet Underground via The Strokes in a flurry of influential digestion, FUR, are unquestionably a contemporary act, writing contemporary songs, for tomorrow’s music explorers; an infinite balancing act between present relevancy, and the traditional rock n roll of which they themselves, look up to.

The record is produced by Theo Verney and mixed by Grammy winning engineer Caesar Edmunds (Queens of the Stone Age, Foals, St. Vincent).

Track Listing
  1. When You Walk Away Pt I
  2. Anybody Else But Me
  3. To Be Next To Her
  4. The Fine Line of a Quiet Life
  5. She’s the Warmest Colour of My Mind
  6. No Good For You
  7. What I Am
  8. Wild Heart
  9. Love You All The Time
  10. Holding Up the Sun
  11. When You Walk Away Pt I
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