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Some Of It Was True


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Indies Exclusive Clear w/Black Marble LP – Cat:280163   Barcode:8714092801637
Standard Black LP – Cat:280161   Barcode:8714092801613
CD – Cat:280162   Barcode:8714092801620

Record Label: Epitaph

Format: Album

Genre: Punk & Hardcore, Rock

Release Date: 26/01/2024

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Some Of It Was True - Indies Exclusive Clear w/Black Marble LP


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Some Of It Was True - Standard Black LP


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Some Of It Was True - CD


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The Philadelphia punk legends’ multi-decade reputation as road warriors with an unbeatable catalogue is cemented as hard truth–and their seventh album, Some Of It Was True , stands as their most immediate-sounding and energetic record to date. The follow-up to 2019’s sensational Hello Exile accomplishes the daunting task of capturing The Menzingers’ distinctive live energy in the confines of the studio, resulting in a sound that’s both rich, raw, and complementary to the group’s increasingly prismatic songwriting approach. More than 15 years in, The Menzingers are still holding their listeners square in the immediate present, and Some Of It Was True documents that power in thrilling fashion.

“We wanted to make a fun record and write songs that we wanted to play live, and that’s exactly what we did,” co-vocalist/guitarist Greg Barnett says “We’ve always said that we want every album to sound live, but we never recorded an album live before. This was the first time we committed to that idea. We wanted to sound like how our band sounds onstage.

Track Listing
  1. Hope Is A Dangerous Little Thing
  2. There’s No Place In This World For Me
  3. Nobody Stays
  4. Some Of It Was True
  5. Try
  6. Come On Heartache
  7. Ultraviolet
  8. Take It To Heart
  9. Love At The End
  10. Alone In Dublin
  11. High Low
  12. I Didn’t Miss You (Until You Were Gone)
  13. Running In The Roar Of The Wind
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