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The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain)


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2LP – Cat:PICI00552LP   Barcode:798234005945
2CD –  Cat:PICI00552CD   Barcode:798234005952

Record Label: Tiny Global Productions

Format: Album

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 12/01/2024

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The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain) - 2LP


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The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain) - 2CD


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The first really revolutionary fracture in The Fall was the departure of guitarist Martin Bramah. Commonly understood as the only viable challenger to Mark E Smith’s dominance of the band, Bramah was The Fall’s first singer and primary songwriter at the start. His subsequent group, Blue Orchids, was originally a reconstitution of the first recorded line-up of The Fall, without Mark, but with another slightly later Fall member, Eric McGann. After slight revisions in the lineup, Blue Orchids created a singular sound of maniacally aberrant psych on two thrilling singles – “The Flood” and “Work” – before recording one of the most imperfectly perfect debuts in what could no longer really be called ‘rock and roll’.

‘The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain)’ eschews the frenetic energy of those singles to present itself as the greatest ‘morning after the trip’ albums ever – Martin and Una’s wonderful explanations of the experiential backdrop to “Sun Connection” take up nearly as much space as those of all the other songs combined! Without exception, the songs are brilliant, majestic and memorable . . . plus it’s possible that more covers of songs from ‘The Greatest Hit’ have been recorded by bands of credibility and renown than from any single Fall LP (although we’re counting!), with near-contemporaneous versions arising from Fish & Roses, Slovenly, Dustdevils and Aztec Camera and many others since.

Never reissued on vinyl since its 1982 release, due to objections from the WB Yeats estate for the album’s musical interpretation of the author’s “Mad As The Mist And Snow” (now in public domain!), this deluxe edition includes a bonus album with two unreleased pre-album demos, two further demos released only on long out-of-print cassette compilations from more than forty years ago, and scorching live set featuring several of their early songs, extensive liner notes from Martin Bramah and Una Baines, a reproduction of the original lyric fold-over booklet and (with the 2LP version), a download card. The original artwork for the album and booklet have
been restored painstakingly, and as Bramah himself says, “It’s better than the original.” After over four decades, we’re proud to make available this classic album again. Tiny Global Production’s first release was a companion to this release (it’s also available again), containing the band’s two 7″ singles, the album’s follow-up EP ‘Agents Of Change’, and two unheard demos.

Track Listing
  1. Sun Connection
  2. Dumb Magician
  3. Tighten My Belt
  4. A Year With No Head
  5. Hanging Man
  6. Bad Education
  7. Wait
  8. No Looking Back
  9. Low Profile
  10. Mad As The Mist And Snow
  11. Disney Boys (demo)
  12. The Flood (demo)
  13. Low Profile (C81 cassette version)
  14. Thirst (Pleasantly Surprised cassette version)
  15. Live In Manchester, 2014: Motorway
  16. Hanging Man
  17. Olympian
  18. Work
  19. A Year With No Head
  20. The Unknown.
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