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The Lost Tapes Vol. 4: Live In Heilbronn 1984 (RSD 23)


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Cat:BMGCAT794DLP     Barcode:4050538875065

2LP Amber Vinyl

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Record Label: BMG

Format: Album

Genre: Metal, Rock

Release Date: 22/04/2023

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Cassette tapes. Remember those? Those things with the dual spools and loads of wide brown plastic recording string that’d occasionally unravel and hang out of the shell, requiring a pencil and firm wrist to spin back into place?

Yeah, well, once upon a time, old-school sound systems contained cassette decks for the express purpose of recording shows, and these “cassette” things were a standard part of every tour. Motörhead were certainly no exception, recording show after show. They contain gold, pure aural gold, and had for many years sat in storage. There were loads of them gathered, with the likes of Lyon, Liverpool, Hamburg and Chippenham (!!) scrawled in biro on the tiny labels alongside a date…and thus we are delighted to announce that this unique collection of live gems will now be heard by the world, via carefully digitized transfers, in this series titled The Löst Tapes.

Volume four has been hand-picked by the increasingly deaf, but well-meaning Motörhead team, and sees the then quartet play a monstrous live set from the ‘No Remorse’ album tour, recorded at Sporthalle, Heilbronn, Germany on 29th December 1984.

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Iron Fist
  2. Stay Clean
  3. Heart of Stone
  4. The Hammer
  5. Metropolis

Side B

  1. Shoot You in the Back
  2. Jailbait
  3. Killed By Death
  4. Ace of Spades

Side C

  1. Steal Your Face
  2. Nothing Up My Sleeve
  3. Road Crew Introduction
  4. (We Are) The Road Crew
  5. Bite the Bullet
  6. The Chase Is Better Than the Catch

Side D

  1. No Class
  2. Motörhead
  3. Bomber
  4. Overkill
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