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Brian Setzer - Gotta Have The Rumble (CD)

Brian Setzer Vinyl Records

Every decade has its own retro craze spearheaded by a true believer who brings classic sounds and styles back into vogue. Brian Setzer performed this trick not just once but twice: first as the leader of the Stray Cats, the trio who brought rockabilly back into the charts during the '80s, and then as a figure who helped popularize the swing revival of the '90s with the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Both of these sounds were grounded in the '50s, which is when rockabilly was born, but it was also the heyday of the kind of jump blues Setzer loved, such as Louis Prima and Big Joe Turner. While the Stray Cats were purists of sorts, indebted to the big beat of Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent, as a solo act Setzer wound up fusing these aesthetics together, playing rockabilly guitar to a swinging beat.

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