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Royal Trux - Royal Trux (RSD 24)

Royal Trux Vinyl Records

One of the definitive underground rock acts of the '90s and early 2000s, Royal Trux pioneered a unpredictable mix of punk, noise, metal, jazz, Southern rock, and pop that sounded effortless thanks to the chemistry between charismatic vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Jennifer Herrema and inventive guitarist Neil Hagerty. Over the years, their music evolved in unexpected ways that nevertheless felt organic, spanning the underground experiments of 1990's Twin Infinitives to the subversive boogie rock trilogy of 1998's Accelerator, 1999's Veterans of Disorder, and 2000's Pound for Pound. When the band reunited in the late 2010s for a reunion tour and 2019's White Stuff, they sounded as inimitable as ever.

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