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Ruth Slenczynska - My Life in Music

Ruth Slenczynska Vinyl Records

Famous as a child prodigy, pianist Ruth Slenczynska survived some very difficult early years by withdrawing from concert performance, regrouping to get her life in order, and re-emerging as a mature artist. That the trauma imposed by a demanding father failed to crush her spirit or damage her musicality is a remarkable story. That what is perhaps her finest recording was made at the age of 75 is more remarkable still. After purging the ghosts of a childhood denied her, Slenczynska performed to admiring reviews, wrote a text on piano technique, and became a respected teacher and artist-in-residence. Signing with Decca in 2022 at age 97, Slenczynska issued My Life in Music, exploring her life as a performer and teacher and the connections made throughout her life to the featured composers.

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