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Offspring, The - Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace (15th Anniversary Edition)

Offspring, The Vinyl Records

The Offspring is perhaps the quintessential SoCal punk band of the 1990s -- survivors of the 1980s hardcore scene who revamped themselves for the heavier alt-rock era. Dexter Holland and Noodles had been kicking around the Orange County scene since the mid-'80s, adopting the name the Offspring as the band's lineup firmed up toward the end of the decade. The group released their second album, Ignition, on Epitaph in 1992 but it was 1994's Smash and its accompanying singles "Come Out and Play (Keep Em Separated)" and "Self Esteem" that pushed the band toward blockbuster national success. Shortly afterward, the Offspring made the leap to the major labels and continued a streak of snotty, satirical alt-rock hits such as "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)" and "Why Don't You Get a Job?" that kept the group squarely in the hard rock mainstream through the 2000s.

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