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Thurston Moore - Psychic Hearts

Thurston Moore Vinyl Records

Thurston Moore's work with Sonic Youth rearranged the parameters of indie rock to an almost incalculable degree, merging experimental art rock tendencies with unconventional guitar tunings for a sound that would influence generations to come. Moore's abstract poetic lyrics and perpetually mysterious aura were core ingredients of Sonic Youth's 30-plus-year run, but also bled into countless side projects and less-frequent solo albums like 1994's sprawling and loose Psychic Hearts. After the group's breakup in 2011, Moore continued with his ambitions, ranging from projects like his band Chelsea Light Moving to noisy collaborations with Merzbow and John Zorn to solo albums like 2020's By the Fire that continued exploring the kind of moody, twisting art rock he'd become an icon of with Sonic Youth.

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