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Sonata Arctica - Silence (2021 Reissue)

Sonata Arctica Vinyl Records

The popular Finnish prog and power metal quartet Sonata Arctica specialize in a soaring, orchestral variation on European heavy metal that melds sweeping, melodic compositions and meaty riffs, lush, expansive production, clean vocals, and sophisticated instrumental chops. Once a hard rock band called Tricky Beans (later Tricky Means), they changed their name for good when they adopted power metal as a genre. Since releasing their critically acclaimed debut album Ecliptica for Spinefarm in 1999, the band, founded by lead vocalist Tony Kakko and drummer Tommy Portimo (its only remaining original members) has registered multiple chart-topping albums, with highlights arriving via 2007's Unia, 2012's Stones Grow Her Name, and 2019's Talviyö.

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