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Tugg Melodies Ape Colours


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Cat:GF6002     Barcode:044003346987

CD Album

Tug Melodies Ape Colour is Ghostface600’s most diverse and honest project release to date …

Record Label: 600 EML

Format: CD Album

Genre: UK Hip Hop / Rap

Release Date: 09/12/2022

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Tug Melodies Ape Colour is his most diverse and honest project release to date, opening with ‘720 hours’ a very sincere single, he speaks about his struggles with his own mental health, featuring a direct voice recording about his place in the music industry, which leads into the more melodic R&Drill type tracks like ‘Best Company’, ‘Runaway’, ‘On Me’ and ‘Hearts Never Mend’.

TMAC also features some of those more greazy releases that Ghostface is known for such as ‘Bullet’,’Big 44 No Safety’ and ‘La City’ which features SNG, Delarua, Dirty Harry, Ricaasszz and Sepa.

Ghostface600 has a natural ability to switch between different sounds, in turn opening his music to a whole new audience. TMAC is his strongest and most eclectic work to date, setting him on a successful path from Catford to Worldwide recognition.

Track Listing
  1. 720 HRS
  2. Best Company
  3. No Security featuring OFT King Boo
  4. Bullet
  5. Runaway
  6. Walk Alone featuring Squeeks
  7. Dragon Tattoo featuring Dxinx
  8. Hearts Never Mend
  9. The Wire featuring OFT Timo
  10. On Me
  11. Big 44 No Safety
  12. Blue Mat
  13. Letter 2 Akeem
  14. LA City featuring SNG, Delarua, Dirty Harry, Ricaasszz & Sepa
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